International Coffee Day 2022

1st of October begins the start of those crisp, golden leaves falling and is also known as International Coffee Day.  At Vend Digital, we love our coffee.  It helps give us focus to set up for a busy day ahead and is warming on those cooler Autumn mornings.  Coffee is one of the most popular beverages consumed.  About 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day in the World, that is a lot of coffee!

What makes Coffee so popular?

There is nothing much better than the smell of hot coffee filling a room whether it be in a busy office, passing a shop on the high street or visiting a relative and the smell coming out from the kitchen. The sweet aromas and flavours get the taste buds going. Moderate consumption is also linked to certain health benefits.  Coffee is important to us at Vend. 

We start the day with a big cup of coffee or what we like to call ‘wake up juice’.  We have put together a few suggestions of where we like to go. The North Coast is home to many great coffee shops, each unique in their own way.  There are some we haven’t gotten to try and will be working our way through them. The following three are mentioned because they are special to Vend Digital.  We hope you will join in and be part of the 2 billion people worldwide sipping a cup of coffee on ‘International Coffee Day 2022!’

What are Vend Digital’s three favourite Coffee Shops?

Fidela Coffee Roasters

Cortado and Coffee Cake served at Fidela Coffee Roasters with laptop in the background

Fidela are one of our long standing customers and use their own beans which have been collected by hand from their very own farms in Narino, Colombia.  Fidela Coffee Roasters, located on Lower NewMills Road, Coleraine, has such a vast selection of coffee to cater for so many different tastes.  You also have the option of buying coffee to take home. 

There are so many notes to choose from and different processes depending on your taste.  You can also sign up for courses, in which you can learn all about the process of coffee and how to make the perfect cup.  Even the baked goods are tasty, with our favourite being the Coffee Cake which is made entirely made in-house!

Culture Coffee

Top down photograph of a Flat White at Culture Coffee in Portstewart

Culture Coffee is home to two great locations, Kingsgate Street Coleraine and The Promenade Portstewart.  Both offer a friendly atmosphere.  For us at Vend, Portstewart is important.  This is where great minds came together to make something special.  Where future colleagues planned the process and concepts behind Vend Digital over a few cups of Culture Coffee and cake. 

With comfortable seating and a great view of the sea, you can grab a coffee to go walk along The Promenade.  On International Coffee Day you could try a delicious cooked breakfast and wash it down with a steamy hot coffee.

Ground Espresso Bars

A couple of Lattes served at Ground Espresso Bar in Mounstandel, Coleraine

Ground Espresso Bars have many different locations and are one of our bigger Coffee favourites to visit.  The closest stores for Vend would be Coleraine kingsgate street, and Sandel Centre knocklynn Road.  There is also a shop on Main Street Portrush and High Street Ballymoney.  Then, there are many more locations across Northern Ireland and Mainland, UK.  Each shop has beautiful decor and a friendly atmosphere.  Our favourite Ground Espresso Bar is beside our office, which is based at Enterprise Causeway on the Knocklynn Road, Coleraine.  It is a good location to pop in and get a cup of coffee to go, or to catch up with a colleague or client after a busy day.  If you are visiting on International Coffee Day, remember to order a piece of Nutella Cake.  It is delicious!

The Comfort of Coffee

Whether you meet up with a friend to catch up on the latest gossip, or spend time with a loved one, you can always count on a great cup of coffee to get you through the day.  A good coffee shop can be used as a meeting place for first dates, or a coffee run in a workplace for busy workers going about their day. 

Coffee tastes good, it warms you up in colder weather and it would be strange to walk around the high street without the sweet, enticing aroma filling the air.  Whatever you choose to do on International Coffee Day 2022, have a good one!

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