Business Tools from Shopify for your eCommerce Business

As well as being the second biggest eCommerce platform in the world, Shopify offer a selection of free tools to help eCommerce (and non-eCommerce) businesses out with some of the basics.

Below we’ve outlined our favourite Business Tools that can help your business for free!

Shopify Wage Slip Generator

So you’ve hired your first employee and need to give them their pay slip. This free generator lets you input details such as Income and Deductions so the employee has a clear outline of their pay.

You can check out the Pay Stub Generator using the following link – https://www.shopify.com/tools/pay-stub-generator

Shopify Invoice Generator

In this three step form you enter details about your business, service or product and your customers details and you can generate professional looking invoices completely free of charge.

There’s even an option to upload your company logo so the Invoice is fully branded to your business.

Generate your Invoices using the following link – https://www.shopify.com/tools/invoice-generator 

Shopify Purchase Order Generator

Need to create purchase orders to track your incoming or pending orders? Shopify has a free tool for that too! 

Just provide the tool with your information, the company you are creating the Purchase Order for as well as the order details and hey presto, Shopify will generate a Purchase Order document for you!

Create your Purchase Orders using the following link – https://www.shopify.com/tools/purchase-order-template

Shopify Profit Margin Calculator

You know how much your product costs, and you know how much markup you want to apply, but how much will you actually make?

Enter the product cost and the margin you want to apply to the product and this free tool will tell you how much you should list your product for, how much profit you’re going to make and what your gross margin is.

Calculate your profit margin using the tool at the following link – https://www.shopify.com/tools/profit-margin-calculator 

Shopify Terms & Conditions Policy Generator

One thing you want to get right in your business when selling online is your Terms & Conditions, and to be frank, it’s a minefield!

Thankfully Shopify offers a free Terms & Conditions template that covers most of the essentials. We do recommend reading through this and making sure everything here applies to your business and that it covers all bases!

Get your own Terms & Conditions Policy here – https://www.shopify.com/tools/policy-generator/terms-and-conditions

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