PPC Agency Northern Ireland

PPC Agency Northern Ireland

As the digital marketplace evolves beyond merely paid search (PPC), social media advertising and google ads into AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (machine learning), your business need the most sophisticated, innovative paid advertising strategies to reach potential customers to thrive rather just survive.

We analyse your customer data, google search, current website traffic, other businesses in your industries, ads and web searches to unearth potential customers opportunities. This allows us to confidently manage the right PPC ads for the right user at the right time. Our PPC advertising services will expand your online profile while ad spending shrinks.

Our goal with pay per click campaigns is to:

  • Put your company brand in front of more potential customers
  • Increase website visits and bring more potential customers to visit your content
  • Scale your business, whether through leads, drive sales, or something else
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Raceland Europe Coilovers
Andrew Baird from Raceland Europe

John has looked after our website and online marketing with Facebook / Instagram and PPC. His knowledge and skills are above and beyond what we have experienced elsewhere, thus having significantly increased our online sales year on year.

– Andrew Baird, Raceland Europe

The Northern Ireland Paid Media Agency That Delivers

All good marketers know google ads work, however when it comes to your google ads, account structure and PPC strategy, you’ll want an expert that’s been there and done it – and does it the right way to keep costs on budget and increase revenue.

We work with multiple platforms to give you the perfect mix of third-party technology and industry insight, including Google and Bing

These partnerships offer advanced targeted adverts that only spend your hard-earned budget on the best platform.

Many agencies are keen to paint google ads and other PPC services as intricate and highly complex but wed rather work with you to educate and innovate. Our PPC and SEO experts love to show off their awesome results and help you understand the context of the results, which makes it that little bit more worthwhile. With Vend Digital as your PPC management agency, you will understand precisely how we’ve improved your business’s online presence.

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Inspecting a Google Advert

Our Approach to PPC

With our team hailing from Ballymoney and Coleraine, it’s a given that they hate paying too much for anything, including your Google Ads. Our pay per click & paid media team is devoted to ROI; they dedicate their time to stay on top of paid best practices for your PPC campaign.

Unlike most large Belfast PPC agencies, being smaller allows our teams to work closely across your platforms and technologies. Enabling agile practices for PPC delivery, consultancy or training. At the end of the day, we’re just competitive by nature.

We have extremely high standards in our approach to successful PPC. Our bespoke strategy covers:

  •    Identifying the most lucrative CPC target audience
  •    Structuring, or re-structuring, ad accounts
  •    Rigorous Keyword and SEO opportunity identification
  •    Spotting missed opportunities in the digital markets
  •    A customised measurement plan covering KPIs and performance goals

Vend Digital’s PPC Services Include

Google Ads Management

ROI is Vend Digital’s bread and butter when it comes to Google Adwords. Our PPC team are Google Ads certified for a reason: they lower your cost-per-click (COC) budget without sacrificing conversions and revenue. Our Google PPC experts ensure your adverts are seen by the right audience through a combination of persona-based intelligent targeting, market knowledge, marketing expertise, and attention to detail. We undertake keyword research and complete ad design and creation service to ensure your search ads stand out.

Bing Ads Management

We don’t just focus on Google Ads; our PPC services work with all major search engines. This approach can diversify your digital campaigns and utilise low-cost CPCs through Bing ad campaigns. Many agencies underestimate the power of Bing pay per click advertising, ignoring the fact that most corporate networks are locked down to Microsoft and Bing. 

Display Advertising

Here at Vend Digital, we combine dynamic creative work with statistical boffinry so that you dominate display advertising with your pay per click campaign. When utilising our Display remarketing knowledge, your business will enjoy all the benefits of sophisticated targeting techniques, behaviour analysis, demographic breakdowns, the fashion of visits and long-term affinity categories across the Google display network.

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Remarketing is all about reaching out and bring in back those ‘lapsed’ visitors to your website. Retargeting enables your business to capitalise on seasonal peaks in demand. As part of the service, we provide tracking and targeting setup, allowing our team to analyse your customers’ behaviour in-depth to help formulate money-making remarketing campaigns.

Google Shopping Management

We see some of the highest conversions and best ROIs with Google Shopping for our eCommerce clients. We go right to the core of Google Shopping, Analytics and Auction Insights, allowing us to get a better understanding of your customers than anyone else.

Facebook Ads

Our Facebook advertising experts have revived accounts, using analytical data to develop exciting campaigns, such as video campaigns, that not only get you sales but cultivate a sense of community. When you work with us, you’ll typically see us bringing results from campaigns that were previously unprofitable. By knowing how to utilise Facebook’s targeting tools to their maximum potential, we will turn the most ROI-starved campaigns into those that bring long-term positive PPC performance results.

LinkedIn Ads

Our Linkedin paid media services can ensure that your content and your brand are seen by only the most relevant people, increasing PPC leads’ quality.

PPC Strategy

Our PPC agency will work with you to develop long and short-term goals that you would like to achieve with your PPC results. Measurable KPIs with a client-specific digital marketing strategy will allow us to demonstrate the value of your new campaigns.

PPC Consulting

Our PPC services extend to consulting. Does your in-house digital marketing team need some extra expert help running profitable paid advertising campaigns? Vend Digital is the PPC agency in Northern Ireland that will help you reign in unnecessary Google Ads spending and help ensure your ROI is at its maximum.

PPC Audits

Are you not satisfied with the performance of your current paid media campaigns? Is your ad spend outpacing your return on investment? Is your account well structured? Are you running the right ads? Are these switched for the correct keywords? Has a sufficient budget been set? These are all questions that we pursue within our PPC audits. Our PPC specialists can review and give you optimisation ideas for your failing PPC campaigns. We also review your landing pages to provide advice on improving conversion rates and overall campaign performance.

PPC Training

Having several PPC experts based in Northern Ireland who live and breathe google ads working daily with Google AdWords and other channels means we know the ins and outs of PPC ads, from brand standards quality guidelines to the most recent updates and changes to search engine advertising. Our pay per click training provides you with the tools to understand, compare and execute truly inspiring PPC advertising campaigns.

When it’s done right, our pay per click services generate brand impressions, drive online traffic and deliver ROI. So, do pay per click advertising right. Speak with us.

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