Useful Social Media Calendar Dates in April

As we look forward to the fourth month of the year, April in 2023, there are several key dates to keep in mind for a social media calendar in the United Kingdom. Whether you are a business, influencer or simply looking to stay up to date on cultural events, these dates are worth noting. We have picked out the best ones we think are worth implementing into your Social Media pages.

Useful Social Media Calendar Dates in April

Dates in April for your Social Media Calendar

April Fool’s Day – 1st April 2023

April Fool’s Day, also known as All Fools’ Day, is celebrated around the world with practical jokes and hoaxes. This is a great opportunity for brands to show off their sense of humour.  You can engage with audiences and see who believes your joke.  Past pranks have had brands create fake products that audiences wish were actually true.

Autism Awareness Day – 2nd April 2023

Autism Awareness Day is celebrated all over the world to raise awareness of developmental disorders and neurodiversity.  You can show support by posting about autism or wearing blue.

Autism Awareness Day - 2nd April 2023

Good Friday – 7th April 2023

Good Friday is a public holiday in the UK, and marks the day that Jesus was crucified. This is an important day for many Christians, and it’s a good time to reflect on the true meaning of Easter and what it means to each individual.

Easter Sunday – 9th April 2023

Easter Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many people attend church services and spend time with their families on this day. It’s also a time for Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, and plenty of chocolate!  Especially if you have participated in Lent then you will be looking forward to indulging in whatever you gave up during the period of Lent.

Easter Sunday - 9th April 2023

National Pet Day – 11th April 2023

Pets can give us companionship, they are part of the family and to some people, they are their ‘children’.  It is the perfect opportunity to post about your pet or ask audiences to engage by showing photos or sharing stories about their pets.  Whether your pet is a cat, dog, reptile or gerbil, they bring us so much joy!

World Art Day – 15th April 2023

Are you creative with artistic flair?  Maybe you just like to admire beautiful creations and visit Art galleries for a good day out. World Art Day is to celebrate the incredible world of Art.  Everyone can have their own definition of Art so write a poem today or draw a picture to help relax and allow your creativity to flourish.  Engage audiences by having them discuss favourite artists through time or to share their very own creations on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook.

The art below is from one of the Vend Digital team’s favourite artists, Jenni Robinson. She is a landscape artist who does the most amazing seascapes which fit right in with the Vend Digital brand. Check her out at Jenni Robinson Art.

World Art Day - 15th April 2023

National Tea Day – 21st April 2023

Are you a tea drinker or a faithful coffee drinker?   Perhaps a bit of both depending on the weather or your exhaustion levels?  National Day Tea is celebrated throughout the UK and annually more than 60 billion cups of tea are consumed.  It is the most popular beverage consumed and has been this way for the past two centuries.  So share a cup of tea with the nation and post some photos of your perfect brew!

Need some Tea Inspiration? Check out our favourite tea supplier Let’s Infuse who source a wide range of tea and make their own unique blends. Learn more and order online at their website Infuse Artisan Tea.

St. George’s Day – 23rd April 2023 

St. George’s Day is the feast day of St. George, the patron saint of England. This is a great opportunity to celebrate all things English, from traditional foods to historical landmarks.  A good reason to come together with family and friends to celebrate St. George’s Day.

St. George’s Day - 23rd April 2023 

That’s Us!

Overall, April 2023 offers many opportunities for businesses and influencers to connect with their audiences on social media. From playful April Fool’s Day content to reflective Easter posts, there are plenty of ways to engage with your audience and build your brand. So mark your calendars and get ready for a month full of opportunities, fun and celebrations!

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