Useful Social Media Calendar Dates in August

August is a month brimming with holidays, events, and golden opportunities for UK businesses to engage with their audience on social media. In this article, we’ll examine some of the noteworthy dates in August 2023 that UK businesses ought to weave into their social media calendars.

Useful Social Media Calendar Dates in August

World Wide Web Day – 1st August

Celebrate the invention of the World Wide Web and its impact on our lives. Share fun facts about the internet, how it has revolutionised communication, and encourage your audience to share their favourite online memories.

Did you know it was on this day in 1991 that Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the idea of the World Wide Web? 

International Beer Day – 4th August

Raise a glass and celebrate this international day dedicated to beer. Share beer-related content, recommend local breweries, or host a virtual beer tasting event for your audience to join in.

International Beer Day - 4th August, beers pictured are Stella Artois, Heineken and Budweiser

International Cat Day – 8th August

Embrace the cuteness of our feline friends. Share adorable cat photos, create cat-themed memes, or ask your followers to share pictures of their cats to create a cute and engaging social media thread. 

The Founders of Vend Digital own four cats! Mother and Son due Oreo and Chunky, and younger cats we rescued as Kittens, brother and sister Espresso and S’more!

World Photography Day – 19th August

Celebrate the art of photography by showcasing stunning images or running a photo contest. Encourage your followers to share their best photographs, and don’t forget to credit the photographers when reposting their work.

World Photography Day - 19th August - A Photo of Magheracross, Portrush/Bushmills

World Entrepreneurs Day – 21st August

Celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship. Highlight the journey of successful entrepreneurs or share inspiring quotes and stories from business leaders. Consider running a giveaway to support small businesses.

Did you know at Vend we’re approaching our official first anniversary?

National Burger Day – 24th August

Foodies will love this day! Showcase mouth-watering burger images, share delicious burger recipes, or run a poll to find out your audience’s favourite burger toppings.

National Burger Day - 24th August

Summer Bank Holiday – 28th August

The last bank holiday of the summer. Share ideas for a relaxing day off, promote local events happening on the long weekend, or simply wish your audience a happy and safe holiday.

It’s also team Vend’s Wedding Anniversary!

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