Useful Social Media Calendar Dates in October

October brings an exciting and eventful month for businesses.  There are plenty of dates throughout October to engage with audiences and promote services.  Brands can showcase their products.  With October, comes Harvest and Harvest festivals.  These dates vary by region and church, but it’s a time to celebrate and give thanks for the harvest and food produced in the UK and enjoy all the special dates that October has to offer us this month.

International Coffee Day – 1st October

International Coffee Day starts off the month of October and is perfect for cafés, restaurants, and food brands to promote their coffee-related products.  Share the latest products such as pumpkin spice lattes if you are getting into the autumn season.

National Customer Service Week – 1st to 7th October

National Customer Service Week is a good way to show the importance of customer service within industries.  Businesses could possibly highlight testimonials or stories of excellent service.  Vend believes in the importance of good customer relations throughout all our services.

National Customer Service Week - 1st to 7th October

World Animal Day – 4th October

It is celebrated on the 4th of October and raises awareness about all different types of animals. Pet stores, vets, and animal lovers can share their passion.  This is a great opportunity for rescue centres to talk about animals they are currently caring for and help to find new loving homes for those animals in need of a new family.  If your business is focused around animals, this is an important day to get behind and share stories and promotions across social platforms.

World Smile Day – 6th October

Falling on the first Friday of October, It was created by an artist Harvey Ball in order to promote the importance of kindness and smiling and how a smile can brighten someone’s day.  On World Smile Day the idea is to do a random act of kindness for someone and watch the love and happiness spread.  Brands can get behind this day and encourage followers to smile and spread joy.  A smile can make someone’s day better.

World Smile Day - 6th October

World Mental Health Day – 10th October 

It is a very important date on the calendar as mental health and depression has become so common, affecting 1 in 4 adults.  It is important to promote mental well-being and provide information to support resources.  It is a great way for businesses to share positive messages or support and share stories of those who have overcome mental health issues.  It is no longer a taboo subject.

World Food Day – 16th October

This is a global initiative dedicated to raising awareness of sustainable food systems and combating worldwide hunger.  Brands can promote the importance of healthy food choices and advertise special meal deals they might be holding.  Each year there is a theme and this year it is focusing on the importance of water to help the growth of food and survival.  “Water is life, water is food.  Leave no one behind.”

Halloween – 31st October

This is perhaps the biggest celebrated day after Christmas, and falls on the last day of October.  It is a big one for many businesses. From the end of September, businesses are honing in on all things spooky!  Share Halloween-themed content, promotions, or products and engage with followers on social media.  Whether you love it or hate it, Halloween is becoming very popular because so many businesses and shops are full of Halloween themed products from as early as late August.

Month Long

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The whole month of October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Brands can promote awareness, share stories of experiences with breast cancer, or run fundraisers in the hopes of raising money for treatment to fight this disease which affects so many.

Black History Month

The month of October also celebrates Black History Month.  It is a national celebration which focuses on the contributions made to society and helps to understand the history.  The UK first celebrated Black History Month in the 1980s.

Go Sober for October

People have probably heard about Dry January but ‘Go Sober for October’ is also a popular month-long event which helps promote alcohol-free lifestyles and raise awareness about the benefits of reducing alcohol intake to health and mental well-being.  Brands can discuss alternative alcohol-free products for customers or encourage walks outdoors instead of having a glass of wine.  Brands can post information throughout the month of October to encourage staying sober.

British Summer Time Ends

The last weekend of October is when the clocks go back.  It is an opportunity to remind followers about the end of British Summer Time (BST) and the move to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). It’s also an opportunity  to discuss topics such as winter preparations, energy-saving tips and the run up towards Christmas.  The evenings will get darker sooner but that means cosy fires and sitting on the sofa with a warm beverage.

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