Useful Social Media Calendar Dates in September

It is the start of September and that means the schools are open once again, summer is over and the cool, crisp autumn days are here.  September is a month filled with different events and opportunities for UK businesses to connect with their audience on social media.  Below is a list of key dates that UK businesses could incorporate into their social media calendars.

Useful Social Media Calendar Dates in September

First Day of Autumn – 1st September

September marks the meteorological start of autumn, a season of transformation and beauty. For businesses, this is an ideal time to unveil autumn-themed products, services, or content that resonates with Autumn, Harvest and even Halloween. Whether it’s cosy fall fashion, pumpkin-inspired treats, or photos of falling leaves, your brand can join in the enthusiasm for this favourite season.

International Day of Charity – 5th September

Dedicated to those who raise money for charity and charitable organisations.  International Day of Charity invites businesses to discuss their endeavours. If your company is actively engaged in charity, this is an opportunity to highlight your meaningful contributions. Share stories of impact, collaborations with nonprofits, or creative fundraising campaigns that can encourage everyone to give something back to those who need help.

International Day of Charity - 5th September

World Suicide Prevention Day – 10th September

While sombre, World Suicide Prevention Day is crucial for raising awareness about mental health.   Unfortunately, most of us will know someone who has tragically been linked with suicide or mental health problems.  Businesses can play a role by sharing supportive messages, providing resources and sharing telephone numbers for organisations linked to mental health and suicide prevention.  We have to destigmatise mental health conversations. If your company has initiatives or policies that support employee well-being, this is a good opportunity to shed light on them and help encourage sympathy and understanding in this sensitive area.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day – 19th September

International Talk Like a Pirate Day provides some playful fun. This is the perfect chance for businesses to embrace their quirky side with pirate-themed content or promotions. Whether it’s themed giveaways, creative social media posts, or pirate-inspired products, let your brand stand out like a Pirate singing for Rum!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day - 19th September

World Peace Day – 21st September

World Peace Day invites businesses to promote unity, love, and understanding. In a world that can be divided, your company’s messages of peace can resonate deeply. Share inspiring quotes and stories that encourage a peaceful world will allow your brand to contribute to positive change that will resonate with your audience.

World Car-Free Day – 22nd September

As autumn arrives, World Car-Free Day encourages us to be eco-friendly. If your brand values sustainability, this is an ideal time to promote greener alternatives to commuting.  Share tips for reducing carbon footprints and discuss eco-friendly products.  Why not invite your audience to go car-free for the day?

World Car-Free Day - 22nd September

World Heart Day – 29th September 

As September draws to a close, World Heart Day encourages the focus of health. Businesses related to health, wellness, or fitness can offer valuable insights, health tips, or promotions centred around heart health. By spreading awareness about cardiovascular well-being, your brand can contribute to a healthier and happier community and encourage audiences to eat better, move more and stress less.

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